Collaborative Divorce can be a Viable Option

Collaborative divorce still remains a fairly new area of law. Many individuals do not understand the concept of collaborative law or do not grasp the benefits. The truth is, collaborative law helps many couples avoid an expensive and emotional legal process and proves beneficial to many.

Couples that go through the process of collaborative divorce have the desire to mediate their issues in a non-adversarial way. Each spouse enters the process with an attorney and signs a contract stating that they will give their best attempt to negotiate their issues. This contract is voided if the couple decides to go to court, and any discussions or agreements are lost. Any attorney present throughout the collaborative divorce process may not represent a party during a court proceeding.

Once the couple agrees to begin the process, they are coached to resolve their issues. Attorneys guide their parties in ways that helps them reach a solution. No party is forced to accept certain conditions and no actions are taken unless all agree them upon. The meetings between the parties continue until a resolution is reached. All parties are encouraged to work together and that encouraging environment often results in creative solutions and fair results.

Couples considering collaborative law as a way to navigate their divorce should understand that it is a voluntary process, but can save them much time, resources and pain. Those interested in the process can get more information in order to understand collaborative law and can help begin the process.