Navigating Divorce

As spouses begin the process of divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the process and through navigating divorce. Marital property, separate property, physical custody and legal custody are only a few of the terms that divorcing individuals must learn throughout the process. As you move forward with a divorce in the State of New York, it is important to remember that you do not have to face these struggles alone.

When a spouse first files for a divorce in New York, the grounds for the divorce must be stated. Grounds can include abandonment, adultery or others. Alternatively, a spouse can allege the ground of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, which does not require proof that the other party was at fault.

A spouse seeking a divorce must file the correct paperwork with the Court. If children were born to the marriage, additional paperwork will be necessary to help the Court determine custody and child support. Once the Court receives the paperwork from both sides, the case is typically set on the Court calendar.

A couple may go to Court many times throughout the divorce process for many different reasons. The number of Court appearances will vary in each case. Going to Court can be intimidating, but it is not something that must be faced alone.

Experienced family law attorneys in the state of New York have helped many couples fill out the necessary paperwork and represented them in the Courtroom. They understand the process and laws of divorce and can be indispensable to couples going through the process. We have been representing Staten Island spouses in matrimonial cases since 1988. For more information about our divorce practice, please visit our web page.