Navigating Divorce

yer Navigating Divorce As spouses begin the process of divorce, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the process and through navigating divorce. Marital property, separate property, physical custody and legal custody are only a few of the terms that divorcing individuals must learn throughout the process. As you move forward with a [...]

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Collaborative Divorce Can be a Viable Option

Collaborative Divorce can be a Viable Option Collaborative divorce still remains a fairly new area of law. Many individuals do not understand the concept of collaborative law or do not grasp the benefits. The truth is, collaborative law helps many couples avoid an expensive and emotional legal process and proves beneficial to many. Couples [...]

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What is a Temporary Divorce Order?

Just as every marriage is unique, every divorce is unique as well. Some divorce processes proceed peacefully, relatively quickly and relatively inexpensively. Others can drag out for years. Unfortunately, the process of separating from one’s spouse can be unpredictable. So even if you think that your divorce will proceed in as smooth a fashion [...]

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What is a Quadro or Domestic Relations Order?

Handling All Your Family Matters Because "Family Matters"! What is a Quadro or Domestic Relations Order? After a divorce if you are entitled to any of your spouse’s pension or any retirement benefits you must prepare either a Domestic Relations Order or Qualified Domestic Relations order for the plan to approve [...]

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Are You Considering Divorce?

Are You Considering Divorce? If you are considering a divorce, or if you are in the process of a divorce, you are facing a life changing event which will affect you emotionally, physically and financially. If you have children the stakes are even higher. At such a time in your life, you need [...]

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Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity During Divorce

Last month, we discussed the fact that becoming deeply mired in negative emotion and acting from a place inspired by that negative emotion can harm your divorce process. If you can envision the ways you might react to efforts at compromise during a divorce mediation session while fueled by negative emotion versus a desire [...]

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Why Easing the Pain of Your Divorce is Important for Your Case

If you and your spouse have decided to move forward apart from one another, you are likely experiencing waves of numerous negative emotions. You may feel angry, exhausted, frustrated, deeply sad, betrayed and even fearful for the future. It is undeniable that the decision to divorce tends to inspire pain. It is important that [...]

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