Purchase Of Your Home, Staten Island Real Estate 

When purchasing a home the DePalo Law Firm provides legal services which includes the preparation and/or review of all documents relating to the transaction, obtaining a satisfactory commitment for title insurance from a title insurance underwriter and an attorney representation at the closing. The DePalo Law Firm will also provide such reasonable pre­contract and contract and closing consultations as may be required.

Steps You Should Take When Purchasing Your Home

1.) Advise the Real Estate Broker our firm is representing you.

2.) Send your preapproval letter for the mortgage and mortgage information.

3.) Contact us with your bank and mortgage broker’s contact information.

4.) Our firm will order an engineer and termite inspection.

5.) Determine what personal property is included in the sale.

Sale Of Your Home

When you are selling a home the DePalo Law Firm will be with you every step of the way. Here is a step by step guide a to what you can expect and how the DePalo Law Firm can assist you.

Steps To Take When Selling Your Home

1.) Prepare Contract of Sale.

2.) Send four (4) copies of Contract to the Purchaser’s attorney for review.

3.) If there are any proposed changes, the DePalo Law Firm will review and advise you.

4.) Once proposed changes are settled, purchaser will sign all four (4) copies and return to our office with their down payment.

5.) Upon receipt of Contracts, our paralegal will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to come in and sign all four

(4) Contracts together with an authorization to obtain a payoff quote from your mortgage company. We will then deposit the down payment check from the Purchaser into my escrow account with Northfield Bank.

6.) We will then send two (2) fully executed copies of the Contract of Sale to the Purchaser’s attorney so that they can start the process of obtaining their mortgage commitment which they have a certain number of days as per the contract.

7.) The DePalo Law Firm will confirm the Purchaser’s attorney orders title as soon as they receive the contract from us.

8.) Once their bank issues a “clear to close” (CTC), our firm will contact the bank attorney, the purchaser’s attorney and yourself to get a mutually convenient date and time for the closing. The closing is usually scheduled anywhere from 1­2 weeks in advance. For example, if we are scheduling on a Wednesday, the closing date will be on a Tuesday or Wednesday two weeks later. We suggest you take the day off of work. The closing, itself, usually lasts up to two (2) hours.

9.) Once the date is scheduled, the Purchaser will need to set up a walk through of the house with agent. Please check that the appliances included in the sale are operating properly, look out for any leaks in the roof or bathrooms, flush all toilets and test operation of showers and sinks. The house must be left vacant and broom clean. Once you relinquish possession, there should not be any personal items or garbage in the house.

10.) You will need to bring two (2) forms of Identification to the closing (i.e. Driver’s License, US Passport or Visa, Credit Card, Library Card, etc) and your personal checkbook (with checks).

11.) The next few weeks may bring many questions or concerns. Please remember the DePalo Law Firm is here for you and you can reach us during regular business hours by phone or email.

What You Will Need To Gather

1.) A copy of your deed, survey, C of O, title policy so that the DePalo Law Firm can prepare contracts.

2.) Inquire whether or not you have any violations on your property.

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