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The divorce process can have additional complexities when dealing with high-assets, businesses, or a professional practice such as a law, dental, or medical office. If a business is opened during the marriage that too has a value for equitable distribution purposes. When you get married, if a spouse has a practice or business and its value increases during the marriage, that may also be subject to property division. There is a complicated analysis that must be done and there are many factors the court considers in determining the percentage a spouse may receive.

These financial changes can have a dramatic impact on child support, spousal maintenance, and the division of assets and debts, and require assistance from a divorce lawyer who is experienced with complex financial and high-value assets.

Those seeking high-asset divorce and business valuation in New York can turn to the DePalo Law Firm – with offices conveniently located in Dongan Hills, Staten Island. With more than 30 years of experience with all aspects of divorce law, we have the knowledge and skill required to provide the in-depth analysis of high-value assets, income and businesses. We are prepared to assist in the division of marital property, as well as determination of child support and spousal maintenance.

Skilled Business Valuation During Your Divorce

We’ve assisted a broad range of individuals with business or practice valuation, including small-business owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals. Typically this entails a thorough and painstaking evaluation of financial information, including a review of personal tax returns and corporate tax returns as well as Subchapter S corp.- Schedule C, and LLCs. The analysis is similar to selling a business or practice. In determining support payments it is very important to have an understanding of the spouse’s income. If the business or professional practice was acquired during the marriage, I will also evaluate how much that spouse was worth before and after the degree/business was obtained in order to determine equitable division of marital property.

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