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Many people are uncomfortable discussing the topic of wills. But as uncomfortable as this topic may be, it is one that needs to be addressed. A will is the final say in determining what happens to your assets. Without a will, the state will determine how to settle your estate. Before you give up your rights to direct your estate how you see fit, consult an experienced Staten Island will attorney.

The DePalo Law Firm assists clients in creating customized wills that address their specific needs. To learn more about creating a will at any stage of life, contact us.

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Why Do I Need a Will?

A will is the most basic component of an estate plan. Without a will, the state will decide who gets your assets upon death. By creating a will, you name your beneficiaries as well as the person you wish to administer your estate. Additionally, you will save family members time and money in the future when these issues have already been addressed. Understand you do not have to leave your assets to your children. The only requirement is a legal spouse is entitled to your estate assets.

Creating a will is a straightforward process with help from an experienced estate planning lawyer. There are additional estate planning options that can further protect your assets and beneficiaries, including trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and more. We can explain these and other options to protect your estate.

Updating a Will

It is important to update a will periodically to accommodate life changes: the birth of a child, the death of a spouse, the death of a beneficiary, or moving to another state, for example. If you already have a will but would like to update it, we can help you identify what changes need to be made.

To learn more about wills and other estate planning documents: Contact the DePalo Law Firm or call 718-351-3748. Our law office is located on 94 Hancock Street in Dongan Hills, Staten Island, New York.

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