As an experienced divorce attorney practicing for more than 28 years, I know that not all uncontested divorces are the same.

Do not be fooled by advertisements offering an uncontested divorce in New York for a cheap price. These “uncontested” divorces usually do not include anything other than the basic uncontested divorce documents (and often not even that!) The Court fees alone are a minimum of $335, and that is when you do not have an agreement to file. There is usually no formal agreement included in these “cheap” divorces. An agreement is extremely important especially if you have children or own any property or large assets.

Any uncontested divorce prepared by the DePalo Law firm includes a comprehensive agreement which protects you and your children. A divorce agreement should include a detailed parenting plan, as well as provisions for child support and maintenance with the necessary language required by the court before the Judge will sign your divorce.

In addition, we include a detailed property agreement as well listing all your assets and liabilities. We outline who is responsible for certain obligations as well as what must be done to safeguard, pay, or transfer assets or debts. We include provisions for retirement assets, the sale or transfer of a home, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. Our firm’s expertise and experience will benefit you immensely and we are with you every step of the way.

Divorce is a life changing event and it is imperative that you end this chapter of your life with the correct legal representation so that you can move on without further distress or financial ruin.