Do I Qualify for Child Support?

By | December 14th, 2016|Child Support|

Child custody has many different facets, which means that the question of eligibility for child support also does not have a single answer. In New York, the arrangements regarding child custody can differ tremendously. So, who is eligible for child support? A parent who primarily takes care of the child will often be eligible [...]

What is a Quadro or Domestic Relations Order?

By | December 7th, 2016|Divorce|

Handling All Your Family Matters Because "Family Matters"! What is a Quadro or Domestic Relations Order? After a divorce if you are entitled to any of your spouse’s pension or any retirement benefits you must prepare either a Domestic Relations Order or Qualified Domestic Relations order for the plan to approve [...]

Are You Considering Divorce?

By | November 22nd, 2016|Divorce|

Are You Considering Divorce? If you are considering a divorce, or if you are in the process of a divorce, you are facing a life changing event which will affect you emotionally, physically and financially. If you have children the stakes are even higher. At such a time in your life, you need [...]

Understanding the Basics of the Divorce Mediation Process

By | October 19th, 2016|Divorce Mediation|

If you and your spouse do not fundamentally disagree on matters of child custody or major property division issues, you may be able to avoid litigating your divorce. Instead of a lengthy, expensive process in which the court ultimately gets to decide the outcome of your child custody arrangements and property division settlement, [...]

New York Uncontested Divorce

By | October 1st, 2016|Uncontested Divorce|

As an experienced divorce attorney practicing for more than 28 years, I know that not all uncontested divorces are the same. Do not be fooled by advertisements offering an uncontested divorce in New York for a cheap price. These “uncontested” divorces usually do not include anything other than the basic uncontested divorce documents (and often not even [...]

Tips for Maintaining Your Sanity During Divorce

By | September 27th, 2016|Divorce|

Last month, we discussed the fact that becoming deeply mired in negative emotion and acting from a place inspired by that negative emotion can harm your divorce process. If you can envision the ways you might react to efforts at compromise during a divorce mediation session while fueled by negative emotion versus a desire [...]

Why Easing the Pain of Your Divorce is Important for Your Case

By | June 24th, 2016|Divorce|

If you and your spouse have decided to move forward apart from one another, you are likely experiencing waves of numerous negative emotions. You may feel angry, exhausted, frustrated, deeply sad, betrayed and even fearful for the future. It is undeniable that the decision to divorce tends to inspire pain. It is important that [...]