What options exist when child support payments are not enough?

The Court creates a child support order to ensure that children living with one parent, but separated from the other, receive the full financial support of two parents. The payments support the child’s wellbeing, providing for his or her mental, physical and emotional needs. An order is typically created when parents go through a divorce or when one parent petitions the Court, asking for support from the other parent.

After a child support order has been created, many different scenarios can play out. The noncustodial parent could stop making payments, the child could develop an expensive and life threatening illness, or he or she could need to attend a special type of school. These situations all constitute a change in circumstances and could be grounds for child support modification.

In situations where a parent has stopped making payments all together, enforcement methods can be taken. These include having income withheld from an individual’s paycheck and/or benefits, suspending a non-paying individual’s license, or imposing jail time. A court can impose these penalties to ensure that a child is receiving the full support that he or she deserves.

Without regular¬†child support¬†payments, many children are forced to make sacrifices. Some are unable to afford their back to school needs, while others may go to school with empty bellies. No child should have to suffer because they are receiving inadequate payments. Speaking with an experienced legal professional in the state of New York is the best way for parents to protect their child’s rights and financial futures.