Just as every marriage is unique, every divorce is unique as well. Some divorce processes proceed peacefully, relatively quickly and relatively inexpensively. Others can drag out for years. Unfortunately, the process of separating from one’s spouse can be unpredictable. So even if you think that your divorce will proceed in as smooth a fashion as possible, you may find yourself in the middle of an acrimonious and expensive process more quickly than you could ever previously have imagined.

Partially due to the unpredictable and potentially expensive nature of the divorce process, many couples opt to file for temporary divorce orders. These legal documents help to protect the interests of both spouses while a final divorce settlement remains to be finalized. If you are concerned that your spouse will not agree to such an order, fear not. You and your attorney can request various kinds of orders on your own.

You and your spouse may either negotiate temporary orders concerning property, spousal support, child custody and child support or you may ask the court to approve of your requests independently of your spouse’s explicit consent. These kinds of temporary orders tend to benefit individuals whose spouses may be prone to manipulating shared financial interests, individuals whose spouses are abusive and individuals whose spouses will not agree to reasonable property division during the divorce process.

However, these orders also work well for couples who simply want to ensure that their interests and the interests of their children are cared for as the divorce process progresses. If you have any questions about whether temporary divorce orders may be a good idea for you and your family, please consult your attorney.